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You could become the publishing successor to the valuable literary works of author Brian Adams…..

Image Book Company, publisher and distributor of Brian’s literary works for the past 40 years, is seeking a reliable, ethical person or company to move and expand the brand from wholesaler to an online, direct to the consumer sales seller,

Are you a tech-savvy entrepreneur ready for an exciting career move? If so, contact Image Book Company for a convenient time to meet up and discuss an outright takeover of the intellectual publishing rights and assets or perhaps a joint venture arrangement. Australians buy books in their millions each year. It’s a billion dollar plus industry. Wouldn’t you like to be a supplier to the huge surge in book buying online?

For more Information
Please Call – 02 9318 2727

The company has built an impressive 40 year history distributing its fast-selling titles in success motivation, health, hobbies, sports, new-age, TV-film, cooking, gardening, children’s, education, etc. Our range is applicable to schools, universities, business, legal, medical and arts professions and to all knowledge seekers. Our titles motivate the mind.

PS Don’t worry I will not leave you to your own devices. I am interested that my life’s work lives on and is of benefit not only to you as the new publisher, but more so to thousands of readers, who want to be successful in life.